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Eco-Cultural Restoration of Michigan Wild Rice

Wild rice (Manoomin) is a cereal grain that is harvested and enjoyed throughout the Upper Great Lakes Region by people of varied cultural backgrounds. It has been a central component of the culture of the Anishinaabek people in the region for thousands of years and continues to be of great importance to many tribal communities. Its importance is noted by the fact that the Menominee tribe was named for this plant. Wild rice is also a key element of Great Lakes coastal and interior wetlands that provides food, cover, and spawning habitat for a variety of wildlife species..... Read More...

Investing in Placed Based Education

Placed Based Education is an innovative and holistic approach to environmental education where learning is grounded in and supports the development of a love for one’s place. The approach is holistic in the sense that the concept of environment is broadly defined to include our local natural and cultural environments, as well as local community....  Read More...



Revitalization of the Potawatomi Language

Bode’wadmimwen, the Potawatomi Language, is a unique indigenous language spoken for generations in the Great Lakes Region.  A distinct language, Potawatomi is most closely related to Ojibwe, Ottawa and more distantly Sauk, Fox and other Central Algonquin Languages.   Until the 1930’s and 40’s Bode’wadmimwen was the primary language spoken in homes of most Potawatomi families in SW Michigan.....  Read more...

The Great lakes Lifeways Institute has selected the following initiatives as current organizational priorities in effectively working to preserve, promote and share our region’s rich natural and cultural heritage.


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