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The Great Lakes Lifeways Institute is proud to be an active partner in the Native Wild Rice Coalition.  A multi-organizational collaborative effort to “sustain, restore and protect native wild rice communities in the Great Lakes Region and promote understanding of the cultural and natural values of wild rice”. 

Regional Initiatives

The Coalition has identified priority regional initiatives  including regional sharing and transferring of a wild rice camp experiential learning program developed by the Sah-Kah-Tay Indigenous Preservation Society in Minnesota .The Coalition has invested time, energy and resources in sharing and transferring the wild rice camp experiential learning program. In 2007, funding was secured to sponsor regional participation in the Minnesota wild rice camp and, thereby, transfer knowledge to other individuals and tribal communities across the region.  In 2008, an inaugural rice camp was held in Lac Vieux Desert, and in 2009, rice camps were held in Michigan at Tubbs Lake and Lac Vieux Desert.  The camp at Tubbs Lake represented the first camp in central Michigan in approximately two centuries.


  1. Continuation and expansion of successful wild rice camp educational programming.

  2. Development and support of statewide and regional wild rice management plans and restoration efforts, with special emphasis on the remaining wild rice in Lower Michigan.

  3. Development and implementation of outreach and training programs related to small-scale wild rice harvesting and processing.

  4. Creation of educational resources.

  5. Further development of the Native Wild Rice Coalition


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